Former GPC president files RICO lawsuit

Anthony Tricoli filed a lawsuit today against a handful of former and current Georgia Perimeter College employees — as well as officials at the University System of Georgia — for “acts of fraud” which he alleges were conspired against him to remove him from office.

Here’s the list of Defendants:

Rob Watts, GPC interim president
Ron Carruth, former GPC Chief Budget Officer
Jim Rasmus, GPC human resources executive director
Mark Gerspacher, former GPC budget director
Sheletha Champion, former GPC assistant VP for fiscal affairs
Henry Huckaby, USG chancellor
John Fuchko, USG chief audit officer
Steve Wrigley, USG executive vice chancellor
Benjamin J. Tarbutton III, USG board chairman
The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Sam Olens, attorney general of Georgia
Rob Jenkins, GPC associate professor of English.

Here’s a link to the full complaint

Tricoli was the former GPC president who was let go two years ago due to a reported $16 million dollar budget deficit, which later mushroomed to $25 million. According to the complaint, Tricoli alleges that the “acts of fraud” committed by Defendants’ include “malicious fabrication and dissemination of false evidence and false reports … evidence tampering, false statements to state agencies, influencing witnesses, mail and wire fraud.”