GPC’s fiscal team, where are they now?

I’ve decided that I’m going to start crowd-sourcing this investigation into Georgia Perimeter College’s budget crisis. I’ve been holding some of my cards close to the chest for quite sometime now, but I think now is a perfect time to start divulging what I know. And what I find to be very interesting…

According to the University System of Georgia’s “special review” audit of GPC’s $16 million budget deficit, GPC’s fiscal former leadership team — which included President Anthony Tricoli, Executive Vice-President of Fiscal Affairs and Chief Business Officer (CBO) Ron Carruth, Assistant Vice-President (AVP) for Financial and Administrative Affairs Sheletha Champion, and Budget Director Mark Gerspacher — “failed to perform certain key fiduciary duties.”

We know that Tricoli was fired, Carruth retired, but what happened to Champion and Gerspacher?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Champion now works at the Atlanta Public Schools system as an Education Administrator.

Here’s what the audit had to say about Champion (aka AVP):

The AVP stated she was not aware of the possibility of any budget over expenditures … Even after she was made aware of this possibility, the problem was not remedied … The AVP was apprised by her staff on several occasions of challenges associated with cash balances.

Additionally, John Fuchko, chief audit officer for the USG, wrote in an email on May 10, 2012 that Kwabena Boakye, GPC’s director of internal audit, “had to build a shop from the ground up given that Sheletha had produced only three reports during the approximately three years (2006-2009) that she was in the role – all three reports were produced in 2009.” (emphasis added)

Gerspacher — GPC’s former budget director — left a couple months prior to the budget deficit, and now works as the “executive director for compliance, reporting and financial services” for Chattahoochee Technical College.

And here’s what the audit had to say about Gerspacher (aka Budget Director):

In short, essentially every primary duty of the Budget Director was left unfulfilled … The Budget Director’s failure to adequately exercise the duties of his position cannot be separated from the responsibility of the AVP to manage the Budget Director and to ensure that he exercised his duties.

Lastly, Gerspacher wrote in an affidavit that he was unaware of the budget deficit until after his departure on March 15, 2012.

Out of the four people the USG’s “special review” audit blamed for the budget deficit, two have jobs in Georgia’s educational system, one is retired, and the other is unlikely to be hired by anyone else.

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