50 must-follow investigative journalism twitter feeds

I am dedicated to the craft and practice of investigative journalism.

As I stated in a previous blog post, I feel that there is a serious lack of it in today’s media. A fellow journalist commented that a major reason for this is because of money. And he’s right. Even before the huge loss in advertising dollars that struck the journalism industry with the inception of the internet, most media outlets just don’t have the capital to spend on a style of reporting that truthfully doesn’t produce a return on investment. At least not in a monetary way.

Well, with a little “investigating” you can find some really quality journalism out there that doesn’t follow the ques of the mainstream media.

Here’s 50 twitter feeds of people and organizations that promote good investigative journalism:

@INN: The Investigative News Network. Enough said.
@ProPublica: Non-profit investigative journalism newsroom.
@CIRonline: Center for Investigative Reporting (since 1977).
@TheBayCitizen: Project of CIR based in San Francisco.
@CaliforniaWatch: Project of CIR based in California.
@60Minutes: Offerings hard-hitting investigative T.V. reports.
@IRE_NICAR: Investigative Reporters and Editors, grassroots non-profit dedicated to quality investigative reporting (since 1975).
@theIFUND: Investigative Fund supports investigative reporting through grants.
@louisestory: New York Times investigative reporter, does good work on Wall Street and finance.
@Publici: Holding power accountable since 1989. Non-profit investigative newsroom.
@frontlinepbs: Streams investigative documentaries online (since 1983).
@JamesVGrimaldi: Senior writer for the Wall Street Journal, 2006 Pulitzer Prize winner for investigative reporting.
@TBIJ: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, offers daily recommendations of other investigations.
@MotherJones: Smart, fearless journalims.
@helpmeinvestig8: Open source platform for investigative journalism.
@cijournalism: The Center for Investigative Journalism, promotes investigative training.
@SchusterInst: Investigative journalism follows “slavery & trafficking, wrongful convictions, women’s issues, food safety, & more.”
@Consortiumnews: Independent investigative journalism by Robert Parry.
@Postinvestigate: Washington Post investigations.
@PolitiFact: Non-partisan political fact checking.
@huffpostfund: Huffington Post Investigative Fund for independent, non-profit journalism.
@Watchdogorg: Dedicated to investigating government activity nation wide.
@Truthdig: Drills beneath the headlines.
@OpenSecretsDC: Politics, money, non-partisan.
@wikileaks: Yes. Just follow.
@Spinwatch: Follows PR, lobbying and power networks.
@wheisel: Investigates health reporting tips, public records battles.
@attackerman: Puts the “IRE” in WIRED.
@readmatter: Deep, intelligent journalism about the future.
@Jake_Bernstein: Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for ProPublica.
@AJStream: Powered by social media and citizen journalism.
@AmberLyon: Founder of www.muckraker.com, for readers that want accurate, hard-hitting, investigative journalism.
@eisingerj: Senior reporter for ProPublica.
@VICE: The definitive guide to enlightening information.
@CalWatchdog: California based investigative reporting.
@skiftnews: Data and news.
@dancow: Head of Data for Skift News, former ProPublica investigative journalist.
@Channel_Mike: Investigative reporter, news junkie, undercover guru, alleged mind-shaper.
@truthout: Free news for free thinkers.
@JasonLeopold: Lead investigative reporter for Truthout.
@therealnews: No corporate funds, no government money, no advertising. Just uncompromising journalism.
@rosey18: Executive Director at Center for Investigative Reporting.
@watchdoginst: Investigative journalism for the common good.
@charlesornstein: Senior reporter at ProPublica.
@egorski: Dener Post investigative reporter.
@txtianmiller: Senior investigative reporter at ProPublica.
@alisonannyoung: USA TODAY investigative team, Board Member of IRE.
@michaelluo: Investigative reporter for the New York Times,
@irworkshop: Old-school investigative reporting, as well as new tools and models.

And I put them all in a public twitter list for easy subscribing. If you know of others that should be added to this list, please message me or comment below.


  1. Interesting list David, you might check our Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) as is the first and only nonprofit organization in the region dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Arab newsrooms, still an alien practice. we support independent quality professional journalism, through funding in-depth journalism projects, and offering media coaching. and help journalists working in print, radio, tv and on-line media in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen and Tunisia.

    Please visit our website for more information :


    Thank you :)

    1. Cool beans! I’ll definitely add you on the follow up post…
      Thanks for reaching out!

  2. What a great resource! Thanks for compiling. You might want to add @sunfoundation – the twitter feed of the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation. Beyond pushing for government transparency, we have an in-house team of investigative reporters (the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group) who report on the intersection of money, power and politics at http://reporting.sunlightfoundation.com and http://sunlightfoundation.com/blog (Full disclosure, I’m the Communications Director there.) : )

    1. Sounds good. I love following those that follow our money… I’ll definitely keep @sundfoundation in mind for the update!

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